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London Calling


By James Craig


Election time is fast approaching and Edgar Carlton, upper class success story is a shoe-in for the position of Prime minister. Along with his twin brother, Xavier, shadow foreign minister, they are ready to take the country by storm. Inspector John Carlyle of the London Metropolitan police is an officer with a rough-edged reputation but an excellent track record. He’s investigating a series of gruesome murders. He soon discovers a connection between the victims, theCarltonbrothers, and their buddy,London’s mayor. All were former members of an aristocratic laws-are-for-the-common-folk ‘club’ back in their university days. What secret has come back to haunt them after twenty-five years?


John Carlyle: Inspector with the London Metropolitan Police, middle aged, married, has a daughter

 Edgar Carlton: Son of a Kenyan model and a British father. Vying for the office of Prime Minister. Cultured, but is admired by many ‘common’ folk.

 Xavier Carlton: Edgar’s twin. Is the Shadow Foreign Secretary and helping his brother with the campaign, married with children, frequently has sex with the Venezuelan nanny, would like to live richly rather than being seen as someone for the people.

 There are others – Carlyle’s partner, Carlyle’s nemesis from years ago,London’s mayor, Carlyle’s superior, and a pesky report. All are well defined.


Well written voices for each character. The conversations help keep the story moving.


A little back story for filler. Recurring characters pop up, and some of the information is required for the plot and the past pertains to the present. The action is minimal, the details are graphic. This is definitely not one to read to the children at bedtime. Descriptions and details come in the right amounts throughout the book. A little trouble with POV and some missing words and spelling errors. Not many, but stuff editors might have caught.

 My ranking:

 Blue Belt