Alone At The Very End Of the World

by Damien Joseph


Richard, his son, Bryan, and friend, Bob, are living in a facility after a biological event has destroyed the world. Richard relays the tale of the beginning of the event to his son, including how he came to live in the facility with his father and subsequently met his future wife. In the present, Bob is worried that raiders may invade the facility and soon he and Richard make plans for Bob and Bryan to escape. Richard is left alone to face the unknown.

Nice premise. However: we never learn what town they’re in, how big the town is, any details about the origin of the biological disaster or how it killed off every human and animal. You get the idea it was airborne with the masks everybody wears, but this was never proven. Nobody tries to seek help from anyone outside the facility or leaves the town to see if the rest of the world was affected. Nobody seeks out other survivors. Nobody from outside the town ever visits. This is a very weak plot with a lot of holes and unanswered questions.


Richard: uses a cane. Mother died when Richard was seven. Dad was a biochemist. Wife dead.

Bryan: seven years old, Richard’s son

Bob: Richard’s friend. Stutters.

Nobody has a last name. Minimal or no descriptions of major or minor characters. Richard’s mother’s details are all over the map. She’s kind and beautiful and loving but at the same time she’s constantly angry at her neighbor. Richard’s dad is a biochemist, yet we hear nothing from him about the origin of the biological event or if he can do anything to solve the problem. Bob stutters at the ends of words. The characters had no real depth.


Very simple. No depth. No real separation of voices. Conversations dragged along with no meaning. Too much use of capitals to express shouting. I didn’t understand the use of bold type in some of the dialogue.


This was a very difficult book to read. There was minimal, if any, editing, certainly not professionally. Basic rules of writing were ignored. Quality sentence structure was nonexistent for the most part.

Misspellings, incorrect words, punctuation, grammar, tense, formatting-these were major problems throughout.

There was an error in time in that Richard is 7 when the event happened and he and his dad made their way to the facility. Between one chapter and the next three years have passed and Richard is said to be age 12.

The epilogue comes after The End.

Sentences were very difficult to comprehend. Several stand alone sentences were shoved together, separated incorrectly by commas or semicolons.

Actions scenes weren’t believable or exciting. Simple plot details weren’t believable. Basic physics weren’t acceptable.

I cannot recommend this book and, unfortunately, cannot give it a lower ranking than:

White Belt


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