Storm Lake


By Alan Loots



Michael Lund always wanted to be in the FBI but years before a death in the family curtailed those plans. Now he has a chance to fulfill his dreams. Because of his knowledge of domestic terrorism he is recruited to infiltrate and obtain information from a militant racist group in Oregon. After the mission, his wife is killed and Michael sets out on a personal mission for justice. Meanwhile, Greta Meyer is on the run from an abusive husband. She and her son escape to a small northwest Iowa town where they meet a mysterious stranger.

This was completely different from what I thought it would be. It’s touted as a different kind of FBI story and in a small way, I guess it is. For awhile I wasn’t sure where it was going.


Michael Lund: 36, Assistant professor and expert on domestic terrorism at the University of Minnesota, attended Wisconsin University for a social science degree, Doctor in Criminology at Ohio State, athlete in college, married, grew up in Wisconsin

Jess Jeremy Ford: scar on left cheek, large man, glasses, sandy hair and beard, two sons, wife dead, leader of The Fort in Oregon, racist

Greta Meyer: attractive, black hair, Houston television reporter, grew up in small town Iowa, father was a reporter for the Des Moines Register and now reports for a small town paper, ex husband is a drinker and is abusive, stays fit, confident, born in Des Moines, attended Columbia, allergic to bee stings

Some good characters here but not much depth. I felt a distance between the characters and me as a reader.


A little stilted. Typical bad guy stuff.Writing

Again, I felt at a distance to the story. Maybe I just didn’t get ‘into’ the book. It was fairly enjoyable. A few punctuation errors. Mild profanity. Loots tends to refer to his characters by reference. Instead of ‘Michael’, he’ll say ‘the writer’ or another term. He does this with a few characters. The twist at the end seemed a little forced. The story is not really slow moving but at the same time I was ready to get to the end.

My ranking:

Purple Belt



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