Playing The Hand She’s Dealt


By David Fingerman



Walter Farkos is murdered and places the body in the newly purchased house of former Minneapolis police officer Louise Miller. Then the killer sets fire to Miller’s neighbor’s house and murders another neighbor. Who is trying to destroy Miller? One of the partners in Farkos’ investment firm? Walter’s son? Wife? Daughter or son in-law? Also why would this person be trying to frame Louise who has enough problems of her own dealing with moving into new house with her girlfriend, a gambling addiction, and pressure to return to the police force?

Standard plot with the usual cast of suspects, cop friends, family, and personal issues. It’s not complicated and enough elements to keep it relatively fresh.


Louise Miller: former Minneapolis cop, addicted to gambling, red hair, hazel eyes, lesbian, collects old LPs, drives a Saturn, hand recovering from a severe break, owns a rescue Rottweiler

Karla: Louise’s girlfriend/roommate, smokes, blonde, has a collection of old LPs, drives a Beetle, does needlepoint.

Andrew Miller: Louise’s brother, deputy with the Hennepin County sheriff’s office, 5’11”, well toned physique

Gordon Grant: Detective, gray sideburns, crew cut, blue eyes, aggressive in case solving, rarely deigns to speak to lower ranked officers but keeps tabs on the promising ones, divorced with two kids

Also there is Louise’s brother, Farkos’ family with their quirks, and the investment firm partners all with their own personalities. And of course, the dog, which is always a good addition to just about any story.


Pretty standard. Some distinctive voices come through.


Several uses of profanity. Relatively short chapters. Minor grammatical errors. The expected twist. Fingerman doesn’t try to sneak secrets or clues and in one instance I caught a possible discrepancy that in just a few subsequent paragraph later was explained. I thought this a nice touch that I can catch something, but learn that Fingerman was already on top of it. This is a pretty fast read with quick action scenes and not a lot of graphic detail. This is one of those books that kept switching between ranks as I read it, but I’ll grudgingly give it:

My ranking:

Blue Belt



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