Party Doll


By Steve Brewer



When Albuquerque private eye Bubba Mabry is hired by a strip club owner to find one of his dancers gone missing, there are not a lot of leads. His wife, star reporter, is working on a corruption scandal involving the state fairgrounds. Slowly, pieces start falling together and Mabry realizes the dancer’s disappearance may be connected to the scandal. Mabry finds himself involved with big bad bouncers, a United States Attorney, and federal marshals. As more people enter the picture, Mabry gets in deeper and must discover who is desperate enough to commit murder.

Okay, please forgive me and don’t call me a pig, but when the story started off in a strip club and the humor flowed like water, I was hooked. It’s a light-hearted typical PI story but still enjoyable.


Bubba Mabry: late 30s, Albuquerque private detective, married, carries a .38 Smith and Wesson, drives an Oldsmobile, had a book published with his wife, only child, father is a semi-retired trucker, mother claimed to receive visit from Jesus,

Felicia Quattlebaum; Mabry’s wife, newspaper reporter, drives a Toyota, chin length hair, brown eyes

Elmo ‘Slick’ Gurken: owner of the Pink Pony Gentlemen’s Club, prefers western clothing, large paunch, bald head, square jaw

Dale Cready: Slick’s right hand man, thin, into western clothing, squints

Nick Wilson: lives in a messy apartment, writer, dark curly hair, loner, introvert

Shawn Weston: around 25, Joy’s former boyfriend, copper colored skin, dark brown hair and eyes

Some quirky characters, all enjoyable. Just enough information pertaining to them to give the reader a nice picture without too much extraneous or unimportant detail.


Elmo has the most memorable way of speaking. Other than some internal asides from Mabry, conversations don’t lag.


First person from Mabry’s POV. Instances of unnecessary profanity. Brewer pokes a little fun at fiction writers in one scene. One misspelled little word. Fairly quick read. Not a very long book. Action scenes move quickly. Thoroughly enjoyable and I wouldn’t mind reading something else by Brewer if I ever had the chance.

My ranking:

Blue Belt



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