Safe Harbor


by Rosemary McCracken



Pat Tierney’s world is full of her two daughters, a new boyfriend, her dog Maxie, and her Toronto based financial investment career. Her world gets turned upside down when a strange woman leaves a five year old boy at her office claiming he is Pat’s late husband’s son. When the woman is murdered and the boy’s family is apathetic about the boy’s plight, Pat ends up caring for the child. The police suspect the killer is also out to get the boy and wouldn’t hesitate to remove any other obstacles. Digging into the case, Pat finds a connection with a refuge for immigrants seeking citizenship. Against the advice from her new boyfriend and the police to stay out of the case, she can’t help but be involved, especially when danger seeks her out.

This is an interesting plot with a few subplots dealing with family life and family issues. There is something different here with financial investments and illegal immigrants.


Pat Tierney: 47 lives in Toronto, works as a financial adviser, has two daughters and a dog, has been a widow for four years, green eyes, blonde, has had a miscarriage, tall, has an Iraqi housekeeper, attended Queen’s University as an English major, drives a Volvo, formerly a teacher

Yuri Vlasenko: Russian, smokes, broken and stained teeth, was in the Spetsnaz, former contract soldier, long hair

Devon Shaughnessy: owns a Connecticut software firm, has a son, silver hair, new boyfriend of Pat’s, owns a vacation home north of Toronto

While I found some of the characters okay, I didn’t really feel a connection to them. The little boy was bland and Pat didn’t come across with some of the reactions I thought a mother should regarding her daughters. I didn’t feel the threat to the family as I wanted. Yuri was a below average bad guy for having his own chapters. Oskar, the other bad guy received more play.


Standard, nothing too exciting. A character named Arlene had the most distinctive voice.


Various length of chapters. Chapters were headed by the character they featured, either Pat or Yuri. Pat’s chapters were first person POV and Yuri’s were third. Unnecessary profanity but not much. There were some punctuation errors, misspelled words and sentences with missing words. A little tension near the end but nothing throughout.

My ranking:

Green Belt



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