The Tehran Triangle


by Tom Reed and Sandy Baker



In 1999, Elizabeth Mallory gets her first field assignment for the CIA. She has to stop a major Gharabaghi from acquiring nuclear material for his home country of Iran. Foiling the plot only puts her in his gunsights. Moving quickly through the years, Elizabeth adds more responsibility to her career but always keeps in her mind how Iran continually moves forward to become a nuclear power. She learns of a plot to build a nuclear weapon in El Paso and to explode within the United States. Behind the plan, her old nemesis, Gharabaghi, now a Colonel. And he hasn’t forgotten about Mallory.

An interesting plot combing fact and fiction. I think it shows a nice progression throughout the years of Iran’s determination to have the bomb.


Elizabeth Mallory: 26, CIA agent, multilingual, blonde, blue eyes, graduated Harvard, father was also in CIA, likes older men, equestrian

Ashkan Gharabaghi: Major the Colonel for Iran, was in the Revolutionary Guard corp, has a mustache like Clark Gable, knows English and Russian, suffers breathing problems from a chemical weapons attack

There are other sub characters but these two are the good vs. evil duo.

There’s an attempt to have sideline stories with Elizabeth’s love life and the loves and thoughts of a couple of supporting characters, but I wasn’t connected to anybody. Gharabaghi was the baddie, but pretty typical. No uniqueness.


Standard. Nothing unique or surprising and no character’s voice really stands out.


Although I thought the progression through the years was interesting, I wonder if it was really necessary. The main thrust of the story was the bomb being built in El Paso and Gharabaghi’s plan to use it. The history of Iran’s nuclear movement could have been told in summary. Very minor profanity. I felt the story slowed in places and I kept wanting to get to the end to see how the plot was going to be foiled instead of enjoying the story as it moved along.

My ranking:

Purple Belt



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