Eyes Of Justice


by L. Wiehl and April Henry

Henry wiehl



The trio of Cassidy (crime reporter), Nicole (FBI agent), and Allison (federal prosecutor), have been friends for awhile, helping each other with their specialized abilities to put away the bad guys. When one of their group is killed, the others bend the rules and interfere with the investigation. Almost immediately, an abusive ex boyfriend is arrested but at the funeral a mentally disturbed man relates a different set of eye witness clues that puts the spotlight on someone else. Ophelia, a private investigator is hired to assist. The initial investigation is that the murder was random, but when another death occurs, the women wonder if the murders have turned personal, with themselves as specific targets.

I haven’t read the previous Triple Threat novels and I wish I had before reading this one. I like the plot. It’s simple, with some expected and enjoyed twists.


Cassidy Shaw: 34, crime reporter for a Portland television station, graduated from Catlin Gabel (an elite private school), former cheerleader,

Nicole Hedges: black, FBI agent, graduated from Catlin Gabel, used to work at the Denver FBI field office, has a daughter, drives a Crown Victoria, had breast surgery

Allison Pierce: federal prosecutor, graduated from Catlin Gabel, captained the debate team in school, married, dad died when she was sixteen, wears a cross necklace and is religious, lost a child in a miscarriage the previous year, has a sister who lives with her

Rick McEwan: Cassidy former abusive boyfriend, cop, has a sister, takes high blood pressure medicine

Leif Larson: 6’2, muscled, Nic’s boyfriend, FBI agent, red-gold hair

Ophelia Moyer; private investigator, 24, wealthy enough that she doesn’t charge for her investigations, specializes in helping women escape abusive spouses and boyfriends, was abused herself as a child, has a unique personality unlike most people (is sensitive to loud noises, straightens silverware before eating, has no pictures on her walls, a bit of a ‘germaphobe’, eats the same lunch every day, etc.), owns three cats, came from Oregon

Very defined characters although I think author expected me to have read the previous novels to get more of each of the main characters’ personalities. I wasn’t disappointed in not having descriptions right away. I like Ophelia and hope she stays around for more stories.


Pretty good voices especially from Ophelia and some of the supporting cast.


A fast read. This story is laid out very logically and linearly. Any subplots are minor and only help to round out the characters. I did notice clusters of repeated words like ‘was.’ There aren’t any lengthy flashbacks and the story moves along very nicely. No real graphic details. No profanity.

My ranking:

Blue Belt



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