The Genesis Code


by John Case

John Case


Joe Lassiter, head of an investigative firm, takes it upon himself to investigate the heinous deaths of his sister and nephew. The killer is caught almost immediately and then escapes. Lassiter, tracking down clues the killer left behind, finds himself traveling all over Europe: Italy, Sweden, Slovenia. In his investigations, he discovers that the murders weren’t the first to occur. The more he digs into the case, the more attention he gets from dangerous foes, including a sect of the Catholic church.

I enjoy these puzzle plots, especially when there’s a religious bent to them. Case makes you wait until the very near the end for the solution and it seems at times that it takes a long time to get there. Still an interesting premise.


Joe Lassiter: drives an Acura, head of Lassiter Associates (an investigative firm), blew out his knee playing soccer several years previously, parents dead, big frame, tall, teaching himself piano, blue eyes, boxed in college

Giulio Azetti: Jesuit priest in a small Italian town, middle age, attended the Vatican’s Gregorian University, worked in Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and for the Secretariat of State, lived in Mexico and Venezuela working for the church, has a doctorate in canon law

Stefano Orsini: Vatican Cardinal, attended the Vatican’s Gregorian University, head of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, big man, fleshy face, big brown eyes, devoted to the church, power seeker

Silvio della Torre: leader of the Umbra Domini sect of the the Catholic church, handsome, mid-thirties, black curly hair, wears faded aquamarine colored contacts, tall, smokes cigars, has studied in various countries, is an excellent kickboxer

Nick ‘Woody’ Woodburn: grew up in Georgetown with Lassiter and attended the same schools until the senior year when he attended Hyde School in Maine, ran track, attended University of Wisconsin, majored in Arabic, Rhodes scholar, worked in the Office of Political and Military Affairs in the State Department, is current chief of the Intelligence Research Bureau, one of eleven children

There were a lot of characters because with people like Lassiter, he has a lot of connections around the world. Nobody was boring and some of the minor people were refreshing.


Lots of explanation of various matters. I think everybody had a pretty distinctive voice and conversations stayed pretty true to the matter at hand.


Story is in Parts. Part 1 is all about a confession that leads to the main story. I thought it went on a little too long. Some profanity. Not much action but a lot of explanation as Lassiter bopping around the world picking up clues in every place. Sometimes, there were more details than needed about certain aspects. I expected a little more gunplay or maybe an explosion or two to keep things interesting. The story did keep me going in that I wanted to learn about the ultimate question of why the deaths occurred, but I hoped for a little more adventure and danger. Some nice descriptions on the various locales.

My ranking:

Blue Belt



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