Syndicate Girl


by Frank Kane


Jackson City is owned and run by the Syndicate with the local boss one Al Zito. But District Attorney Mal Waters has had enough and after the framing and murder of cop, he goes on the offensive. With the help of a newspaper editor and a trustworthy police captain, Waters sets out to break the mob’s hold. But they may have too many enemies who have too much power. The match is lit and the fireworks are about to explode and things won’t cool down until something blows. How far will Waters go to shut down the mob? And what happens when the Syndicate sends in their best fixer, the beautiful, but dangerous, Mary Lister?


Malcolm Waters – District Attorney, ambitious, played football in high school, graduated Harvard with a stint in Korea as a squadron leader, did a short period of employment for the State Department, smokes

Ed London – mayor, short, stout, almost completely bald, smokes cigars

Rita London – Ed’s daughter, red hair, green eyes, affianced to Mallory, wants to move up in society, smokes

Al Zito – syndicate boss in Jackson City, fat

Mary Lister – blonde beautiful, works for the Syndicate, knows secrets about a lot of people and the mob’s operation,

Lou Stewart – editor and publisher of the Star newspaper, smokes a pipe

Max Everett – publisher of the Jackson City World, hawk-faced, smokes cigars

Matt Cleary – Captain on the police force, 25 years on the force, thick white hair, flat skull, mustache and thick eyebrows, scar on jaw, blue eyes, has a daughter

Barney Maurer – suave, owns a nightclub/gambling house, heavy set

Everybody smokes. The women are all pretty and attractive with sex appeal.s Very stereotypical characters but that is what you expect in books like this. I tend to like characters that stand out, are just a little bit over the top. These types of stories do that.


Quick and to the point. Good voices.


This is pulp fiction. Shorter story than an average novel. Quick action. Quick descriptions. No extraneous material. A few instances of mild profanity. I was expecting Lister to come into the picture sooner, rather than near the end. Still, a good story.

My ranking:

Blue Belt



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