El Dorado Blues


by Shaun Morey




Atticus Fish, billionaire ex pat, now living in Magdalena Bay, is called into track down Digby, an archaeologist who may have discovered the famed Jesuit treasure. Digby, however, has been kidnapped by a pair of twin knuckleheads who decide to steal the treasure for themselves. Soon to get involved in the chase for gold, silver, pearls and a cursed crown are a wealthy real estate mogul, a strange woman who keeps her lair hermetically sealed, and a womanizing lush black marketeer. Up and down the Baja coastline, under the sea and in the air, the adventure never stops. For Atticus, danger stalks him every minute and only with a little know-how, and a few surprises can he survive.

This is so much more than a treasure hunt. The plot is very simple, though, but what makes it fun are the characters.


Atticus Fish: formerly Francis Finch, ex attorney, billionaire, expatriate, lives in Baja Mexico on his own island. Owns a yacht, a trawler, a seaplane, a mule, and two labs. 6’4”, braided goatee, long hair, widower, ex alcoholic, boxer in college,

Duncan ‘Digby’ Rigby: Professor of archeology at the University of Arizona, drives an F-150, has a shark tooth tattoo on arm, has a sister, mustached

Zack and Jack: twins, dirty beards, Jack chews, Zack has crooked teeth, drive a 1979 Toyota truck, Zack has kids and is a part-time custodian at the University of Arizona

Toozie McGill: Fish’s ex sister in-law, P.I., drives a diesel truck

Harvey Dixon: Thief, smokes, brother is a bounty hunter/hit man

Ronald Stump: Real estate mogul, owns a mega-yacht, wears a toupee

Charlie Diamond: Black marketeer, made his wealth in billboards, owns several yachts, smokes cigars.

These are very unique characters, every one. Fun, vivid, kooky. I especially enjoyed Barbie, the germaphobe. Too bad some had to die because I would have like to read about them in later books.


Very good voices. Conversations stay on point and don’t drag.


Short chapters headed by location of scene, some profanity but not an overabundance. Three epilogues? Action is quick. Descriptions give you the right amount of material. Atticus’ back story doesn’t detract from the story. I really enjoyed this story. I liked the adventure and the fun. I recommend you to read Morey’s first book, Wahoo Rhapsody, but it’s not necessary to read first before El Dorado Blues.

My ranking:

Red Belt



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