Sherlock Holmes In New York


by D. R. Benson


Ten years after the fateful incident at Reichenbach Falls, Holmes foils another plot by Professor Moriarty. Days later he is drawn to New York and a renewed acquaintance with Irene Adler, singer and actress who is to star in a new play. Soon Holmes and Watson are engrossed in another mad plot involving their greatest nemesis. Can they solve a kidnapping and a huge theft of gold before all is lost?

I do enjoy Holmes stories and I haven’t read very many I haven’t liked. This one is a quick read, about half the length of normal novels. It has the usual deductive reasoning and puzzle.


James Moriarty: Professor, vulpine face, sharp nose, beady eyes, pale gray thin hair, knowledgeable about mathematics

Sherlock Holmes: private investigator in London, hawk-like nose, tall, lean, ancestry is half French, plays the violin, master of disguise

John Watson: doctor, friend of Holmes and shares his lodging, twice a widower, writer of the cases of Holmes, former Army man,

Irene Adler: actress, singer, met Holmes in a previous case, has a son

Thomas Mix: former cowboy, sings, former cavalry member in Cuba and the Army in South Africa

Ms. Reichenbach: German, governess to Adler’s son, light blue eyes, hair in a bun, just past thirty years of age

Lafferty: Inspector with the NYPD

Mortimer McGraw: around 60, portly, President of the International Gold Exchange

Pretty standard fair for a Holmes novel. Not too much detail about any particular, but just enough.


Nice New York voices. The main characters come across well.


First person from Watson’s POV. I really enjoyed the period references-cost of theater tickets, the building of the subway and the elevated trains, steamships-and the language used. Also, the inclusion of real people of he time period, including a famous writer. Well written for a novelization of the movie. Typical Holmes.

My Ranking:

Blue Belt



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