Murder Strikes A Pose


Murder Strikes Pose full size

By Tracy Weber

Weber and her dog


Kate Davidson owns a yoga studio in Seattle. She tries to live in peace and harmony but her life soon has neither. A homeless man who sells newspapers is murdered near her place of business and Kate finds herself caring for his only buddy, a very large German Shepherd. So, in addition to her business having financial difficulties and contemplating an attraction to a pet store, she decides to solve the murder mystery. No end of suspects: an estranged daughter, the dog’s former owner, a coworker. With each new piece of information, the danger mounts and a killer gets closer.

I like the combination of yoga and dogs in a formula murder mystery. Something new with a different angle.


Kate Davidson: 32, 5’3”, owns a yoga studio in Seattle, loves dogs, father dead,

George: paunchy, dark-haired, owns a German Shepherd, sells newspapers, yellow bad teeth, homeless, former business owner, divorced, alcoholic, has a daughter

Michael: 6′, blue-green eyes, bearded, owns a pet store

Rene: Kate’s friend, married, allergic to animal dander

Alicia: 33, Kate’s friend, one of her students, and business landlord, wealthy, suffers from stage IV malignant melanoma, married

Jake: married to Alicia, goatee

John O’Connell: friend of Kate’s dad, cop

Sarah Crawford: George’s daughter, married with a son

Not much detail on a lot of the characters, including last names. I enjoyed Rene’s spunk. Weber has put a wide variety of characters into the mix and I think this helps keep the story from being dull.


Pretty good voices. Again, with Rene, her voice sounds best. Michael was a bit rude and out of line in one scene and I thought Weber did a good job of letting time pass before Kate re-accepted him.


First person from Kate’s POV. Yoga and dogs. What a combination. I think an author who writes about personal knowledge of a subject and can include that knowledge in the stories adds authenticity to any book. Cooking mysteries, of course need recipes; craft mysteries need sewing or knitting. I was intrigued by the yoga aspect of this book…and of course any mystery with a dog tends to get an extra ounce of attention. Weber knows both and puts plenty of both in the book. So sad if an author purports to be, if not an expert, at least knowledgeable about something but doesn’t include enough of it to educate or keep the reader’s interest. No problem here on that front. It’s a cozy, so the worst profanity is a damn. Some nice humorous moments and, of course, you’re rooting for the dog. Good mix of human and dog interaction. I’d rate it right up there with Sparkle Abbey and the Pampered Pet mysteries as well as parallel in quality to Nancy Pickard’s mysteries. Definitely worth reading and watching out for the next in the series. I’d give NP a solid blue rank but with Weber, I thought about it for awhile and the enjoyment factor kicked in so this one gets a:

Brown Belt



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