The Lawyer’s Lawyer

coverby James Sheehan



1991: Jack Tobin, successful attorney considers doing something else with his life other than the practice of law. 1993: A serial killer is terrorizing the college campus in Oakville, Florida. Detective Danielle Jansen suspects one of the students, Thomas Felton. After a couple more deaths, including the police cheif’s wife, Felton is subsequently arrested for murder. 2001: Jack Tobin has switched to defending death row clients gratis but accepts a case to help a basketball player at the Oakville campus from being charged with rape. He also begins a short-lived affair with Jansen who is close to retirement. 2003: Tobin agrees to help Felton, who is schedule to die in six weeks’ time. What he discovers sets off a chain reaction that will put Tobin himself on trial and uncover secrets buried for eight years.

This was a difficult story to summarize because to give any more would tell too much. This didn’t go where I thought it would go and I was disappointed that certain things didn’t happen or that certain characters didn’t return. Still, a good story, especially the trial at the end. This is basically three stories with the serial killer investigation, Tobin’s involvement with Felton, and Tobin’s own trial.


Jack Tobin: Lawyer who opened his own firm, 6’2”, plays basketball and participates in tri-athelons, married and divorced three times, grew up in NYC, his fourth wife died of cancer, owns a Sig Sauer, physically fit

Danielle Jansen: homicide detective, tanned, short hair, single parent with a daughter,

Alan Peterson: FBI agent and Jansen’s serial killer task force partner, tall, handsome, blond hair, has a law degree

Jane Pellicano: Prosecutor, thick bodied, plain features, wears little make-up and conservative clothing

Wanda Reardon: black, single with five children, nurse

Ted ‘The Eel’ Collins: sports agent, drives a Mercedes, smoke cigars, uses narcotics

There are other major characters but as mentioned above I was disappointed that some of the minor one didn’t return even though I thought they might have a hand in later events. I like the characters but because of the long story wasn’t too connected to them. Actually, I enjoyed Tobin’s lawyer the most.


Good voices. The narrator did use different voice inflections which helped bring out the personalities. I enjoy that in a narrator.


I listened to the audio version. Book separated into Parts. Some profanity. This was a long book. Not boring, but long. The story was very drawn out, almost unnecessarily. Some parts of the build up and proceeding to the ending trial could have been summarized. Omnipresent POV. Subdued action but it’s not an action thriller. It’s a long story. Not boring, but long. I was disappointed in some places and intrigued in others. There weren’t any surprises even at the end. When it comes to courtroom dramas/mysteries I expect good stuff in the courtroom. The give and take, the strategies from each side. The objections and the judge’s personality. I wasn’t disappointed in this.

My Ranking:

Blue Belt



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