Catwoman: Tiger Hunt


by Robert Asprin & Lynne Abbey



Catwoman prowling around for a man with a heinous attraction to wild cats. Batman is on the trail of a shady middleman known as the Connection in regards to an upcoming major arms deal in Gotham City. What do the two cases have in common and what happens when the Bat crosses the Cat’s path?

It’s a good plot. Not complicated. No real surprises. Just basic stuff that you’d find in a multi-issue miniseries comic book. There’s something in it related to cats and the strongarm big baddies that Batman like to go against.


Selena Kyle: Cat burglar by the name of Catwoman but who also fights crime in her own lower class neighborhood, owns several cats, athletic, attractive, expert at hand to hand combat, donates to an animal wildlife charity, has a sister who is a nun

Bruce Wayne: Millionaire, orphan after his parents were murdered when he was a child, costumed crime fighter known as Batman, handsome, physically fit, wears glasses and has a mustache, has a son and a daughter, president of the Wayne Foundation

James Gordon: Gotham City’s police commissioner,

Tiger: stevedore, scarred face, dark haired, powerful frame, around 30, criminal background, runs an import/export business

Theresa Carmel: nun, at the same mission for forty years, likes to garden, large knobby hands

Come on, even blind, deaf, illiterate cave dwellers know who Catwoman, Batman, and James Gordon are. I do like the version of Selina this book offers. She’s tough and confident when out on the streets as Catwoman, but unsure of herself when not in costume. Her apartment is a mess and too many memories of the past cloud her thoughts. This is a different perspective from the old television series’ Catwomen or with only a hint of Pfeiffer’s portrayal. This Catwoman does not have an ongoing costumed romance with Batman.


A lot of internal dialogue and thoughts. Some good voices but I enjoy the rambling Bonnie the best. Seeing the movies I, of course, hear the whispering of Batman.


Quick read. This is a typical novelization of comic book characters. It’s not difficult and you get what you expected. Action is quick and decisive. A bit of profanity. I chose to review it because I’m a Batman fan. This isn’t a timeless classic and was never meant to be one. Still, I enjoyed it.

My Ranking:

Blue Belt



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