Food Run

Food Run Cover Image (Final)

By Cindy Santos

Cindy Santos Professional Picture


An unemployed Latino grocery shops, trying to time her checkout with the store’s closing. She remembers her youth and another grocery store she enjoyed. She worries about feeding her children but at the checkout encounters a situation that makes her rethink her life.

Not much I can add here. It’s a short story and that’s basically it.


Main Character: Latino, no car, unemployed, has two brothers, divorced with children, attended Stanford

No name for the character but there is a lot of information for a short story. The people she meets aren’t very nice but I think there is enough to get a flavor of the attitude of the story.


Nothing special. The man in line speaks the most but his speech, I think, is the most important in the story.


First person from () POV. Present tense. Short story. I was expecting some mystery, drama, some action, but there was nothing like that. A lot of reflection on the old grocery store and life which is contrasted with the current life and present day store. The story makes you think a bit. I thought the listing of food items was a bit distracting. It’s a quick read with a nice message and revelation at the end.

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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