Unsavory Delicacies

Unsavory DelicaciesNewCover

By Russell Brooks




A three-in-one book.

Creme Brulee: a rogue operative tries to convince a software tech to sell her a program to control drones. However, not everybody is who he claims to be.

To The Last Bite: A restaurant reviewer bites off a bit more than he can chew when he faces a former panned chef.

Shashlyk And Morozhenoe: Ridley Fox infiltrates a mobster’s lair to steal some plans.

Short stories all, in their own way, with a food theme. They’re quick reads. The first two were okay but the last wasn’t complete in that it left a lot of questions unanswered.


Monique Beauvais: name is an alias, works for an international arms consortium, black hair

Curtis White: name is an alias, suffers from dandruff, 30s, auburn hair

Dennis Kirby: restaurant reviewer

Ridley Fox: CIA operative, fluent in several languages

Efim Volsky: bearded, tall, heavyset, bodyguard, needs reading glasses

Maksim Antanov: 20s, slim, restaurant owner, mobster

Nice variety of characters. Not too bad but because these were really short stories there wasn’t much background. I thought Antonov, for being a powerful mobster came off looking like a weenie.


Most of the conversations were okay. Some lines didn’t fit the characters or the situation.


Profanity. Stories headed by location. Action was quick and decisive with no real element of danger. The heroes were never shown to be in too much peril. Some issues with ‘ly’ and ‘ing’ words. Little tension. These shorts could have been expanded to give the reader a bit more (no pun intended) meat.

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