Death By Didgeridoo


By Barbara Venkataraman



A Florida rock star with few friends is murdered by a didgeridoo, and Jamie Quinn’s cousin, Adam, has confessed. While Adam’s case grinds through the system, Jamie takes it upon herself to investigate other suspect. The other members of the band. A devoted fan. Other music teachers where the musician worked.

I listened to the audio book. Sometimes I want a no-nonsense, non-complex story. Just a plain old good murder mystery. This is one of those.


Jamie Quinn: mother-dead-was a nurse, short, olive-skinned, insomniac, attorney but unemployed at the beginning of book, attended Noble Law School, started as an English Lit. major, owns a cat, drives a Mini Cooper, vegetarian

Adam Muller: 22, Jamie’s cousin, blonde curly hair, fair complexion, takes drum lessons, has Asperberger’s Syndrome

Margaret Muller: 43, Adam’s mother, has two puppies: Scottish Terrier and Irish Setter, divorced, elementary school teacher

Grace Anderson: works for a securities firm as an attorney, attended Noble Law School

Nick Demetropolis: handsome, works in the D.A. office, father is a state senator

Susan Doyle: public defender

Marian Wollinsky: treasurer of Spike Enterprises, Inc., tattooed

Duke Bressard: divorced three times, private investigator, tanned

Dr. Simon: 50s, trim, salt and pepper hair

Typical cast for a murder mystery. Enough information to form a good mental picture. Since I listened to the audio version, forgive me if there are any misspelled names. A minor problem I had was Quinn didn’t do a lot of the talking and investigating the suspects. She only talked to one while the PI did a lot of the legwork. I might have been nice to see some of the other band members or the teachers. Most of the ‘clues’ came from second and third parties.


Good voices. The narrator did a good job of distinguishing different voices. No conversation was wasted and provided important information. The PI’s voice comes through the best.


First person from Quinn’s POV. Very straightforward mystery. The scenes are what you would expect in this type of book except: No action. No tension. No real back and forth adversarial stuff between heroine and prosecutor. No bad guy threatening the heroine somewhere in the middle or at the end. No surprises.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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