Whiskey For Breakfast

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By Dominic Stabile

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Nick Dioli takes an assignment from a judge to bring back a runaway teen named Chelsea. When he arrives in Gatlinburg to visit the girl’s grandmother at the woman’s bakery shop, he discovers the woman is more than a cupcake maker. Then he’s hired by the grandmother to prove the judge killed his wife. When Diloi looks into the case, he finds infidelity, politics…and murder.

I’ll read PI stories till I die and never tire of them as long as they’re good tales. This one is pretty good. It has all of the expected intrigue and suspects. A little noir, a bit of pulp fiction.


Nick Dioli: private investigator, former cop, mid thirties, broad shoulders, owns a Smith and Wesson MP Shield 9mm, drives a ’96 Taurus, widower

Kim Riley: 35, bartender, has a son

Virginia: Chelsea’s grandmother, short, frail, wears glasses, owns the Cupcake Factory, owns a model 1911 gun, blue eyes

Chelsea: teenager, father is a judge, mother dead, long blonde hair,

Lindsay: Virginia’s niece, detective, strawberry blonde, 5’10”

James Tully: Chelsea’s father, smokes, former business law professor, attended Ole Miss,

Parker: reporter, part time professor, wears glasses

Good cast. I didn’t really get an image of Diloi other than a couple physical descriptions. I don’t learn his last name until almost halfway through the book. Other characters I wish had stuck around longer because they were pretty good.


Nice voices. These types of stories have plenty of dialogue because it’s usual fo the PI to conduct interviews. So, you know when he speaks to someone, there probably is something important oing to be revealed, even if it’s a red herring.


First person from Dioli’s POV. There’s no build up, it just starts with Dioli in trouble. The tale is a fairly quick read with some of the expected developments. Not that that is bad if the story is good. I did enjoy the story but wanted more all around detail. Yes, I could imagine Kim’s bar, but Dioli’s office wasn’t described too much. There were other settings where I wanted more.

The story itself was fine. It gave the expected action and familiar twists. One I didn’t expect was the last line of the second to last paragraph in the book. It was a smack upside the head that left me jolted. The author was lucky it was three in the morning when I read it because I was ready to track him down and demand an answer. Sigh! I guess I and anybody else who reads this will have to wait for the next adventure of Dioli. Grr! Lol.

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