Survival Of The Fittest


By C. L. Clark



Alex Freedman: a serial killer whose mission is to rid the world of persons he views as ‘defective’.

Gillian: blind since birth and Alex’s latest target.

But Alex won’t just come right out and kill her. He’ll have his fun first.


Gillian: blind, owns a seeing eye dog, has a sister, works as clerical support in the justice department, brown eyes, auburn hair, father dead

Alex Freedman: abused as a child, grew up on a farm, obsesses about cleanliness, father dead

Ryesam Jesiah Bryant: police investigator, dark brown hair, blue-gray eyes, 6′, father dead

Good variety although I didn’t feel the ‘tough’ cop of Rye. Especially with that kind of name I expected hard-nosed and raw.


Pretty good voices. It’s a small cast so everybody comes through. I did enjoy-for awhile-some of Alex’s internal dialogue.


No profanity. Some Christianity layered throughout.

One problem I had was that for much of the book, Gillian is out of danger. She and Bryant go on a road trip to her mother’s house, thereby removing her from the vicinity of Alex. Sure, Alex is a bad guy while she’s gone, but there’s no tension, no imminent danger. There are long passages where Alex’s criminal madness and idiosyncrasies are shown but for the most part, it’s repetition. By Chapter 7 and beyond, the reader already is familiar with him. After the third incident between Alex and Gillian until the climax, there isn’t anything for the reader to worry about. Just a lot of romance. I’m not against romance, although I thought the relationship between Gillian and Rye moved a bit fast (and I don’t mean sex), and was a bit over the top with some of the repetitious material regarding their love. There is any problem that temporarily drives them apart, something that they have to work through. Sure, Gillian is hesitant about revealing stuff about her childhood, but that isn’t presented as a possible obstacle that will keep them apart. In fact, it’s solved in short order. I would have enjoyed this more if the attraction and the ‘moving along of the romance’ were parsed throughout with the constant danger from Alex.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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