Boston Shadow


By Tijani Fulani


Irene Blake is on the case and has found her missing person, a musician, dead and possessing an unknown blue powder. Soon, she’s with the FBI, on the trail of a smuggler. When they track him to the Boston docks, the case takes a supernatural turn. What is she dealing with – drug dealers, statue makers, or something worse, such as Elder Gods? Blake is not only fighting to solve the case, but fighting for her life…because she’s inhaled some of the powder.

A little bit of noir, a little chemical weaponry, a little nod to Lovecraft. Not sure what to make of it but it is different


Irene Blake: private investigator, tall, thin, brunette, mid 30s,

Frances: Blake’s assistant, short, frizzy blonde hair, attended Stanford, mid 20s,

O’Neil: detective, mustached,

Brandt: detective, big frame, salt and pepper colored hair, smokes, former military, mid 50s

Samuel Reyer: associate doctor at Harvard, short black hair,

Ostler: FBI special agent, thin, tall, balding, wears tiny glasses

Many characters don’t have first or last names. Not too much back story on anybody. Didn’t get a clear picture of anybody except for some physical descriptions.


Ira has a little cynicism and I like Frances’ energy and intelligence.


Titled chapters have numbered subsections. Some minor profanity. Some capitalization and spelling problems. This is a short book, quick read and ends with a cliffhanger.

This has the potential to be a good series if only there was more detail. Physical, structural, environmental, sensory. I wasn’t really pulled into the story because of the lack of details. Being a Lovecraft fan I caught on to the mythos right away and wanted more.

My Rank:

Camouflage Belt



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