A Killer Retreat

Killer Retreat

By Tracy Weber

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Kate Davidson, yoga instructor, has agreed to help out on Orcas Island with some classes in order to help promote a retreat. Before she even arrives on the island, she meets up with Monica, Beach Witch, who, even after settling in, continues to be a pain. Monica is the stepmother of Emmy, co-caretaker of the resort and soon-to-be new bride. Kate finds it difficult to practice the yoga peace, especially when she finds Monica dead in a hot tub and becomes the primes suspect. There are others: Monica’s current husband; the vegan chef; and even Emmy herself. With boyfriend Michael and an eccentric German Shepherd, Kate must use her yoga sleuthing skills, or the next lesson she’ll teach will be from prison. On top of the murder, she has to deal with a friend who isn’t feeling well and a boyfriend she thinks wants to hop into marriage.

This is the second in the series from Weber. I thoroughly enjoyed the first and the second gave me more. Sure, it’s a typical plot, but, like I’ve mentioned in other reviews, if the story is good, classical isn’t bad.


Kate Davidson: 32, 5’3”, owns a yoga studio, owns a German Shepherd, father dead

Michael: Kate’s boyfriend, owns a pet supply store, blue-green eyes, drives an Explorer,

Emmy: caretaker of Elysian Springs, short blond, 20s

Josh: Emmy’s fiance, caretaker of Elysian Springs, dark hair in a pony tail, beard and mustache

Monica: upper 20s, thin, blonde, smokes, owns a Jack Russel Terrier, Emmy’s stepmother

Bruce: Monica’s husband, 50s, wears glasses, balding, was married once before

Rene: Sam’s wife, Kate’s friend, brunette

Sam: has a mustache, 6′, lean, blond, blue eyes, owns a software company

Helen: Emmy mother, 50s, wears glasses, long graying hair

Dale Evans: bearded, tall, attorney, raises goats, drives a Plymouth pickup

All the usual expected cast. Of course, the story would be pretty blasé without the dog. You have to include Bella. She’s the character who keeps Kate grounded, even more than Michael. Some of the characters don’t have last names.


Some good voices. Dale can ham it up when needed. Monica-before her death-expressed no end of reasons to dislike her-as a baddie, not as an included character. From her first words and every conversation she had, I knew she’d end up dead. Conversations didn’t wander and included some foreshadowing and important information.


A bit of mild profanity. This took awhile to get to the corpse. The murder doesn’t happen until almost a third of the way through the book. There is some nice set up along the way. Some good humor, fun yoga knowledge.

This probably should go up in the character section but I enjoyed the diversity of Kate. Yes, she’s into yoga and the tranquility and peace it’s supposed to bring. Yet, you see that a lot of aspects of her life tend to foil that peace. From Michael to a grumpy looking student, to Monica (of course), to a hard-nosed detective. It’s nice to see some development throughout the book.

This is wonderful series and I hope it continues.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing A KILLER RETREAT. I’m delighted you enjoyed it!

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