Going Under


By Silas Payton



What is the connection between two murders, an apparent suicide, biker gangs, and the mob? Toronto Inspector Bill Roberts and his team are after the answer to that question.

A straightforward plot, not complicated.


Bill Roberts: Toronto police inspector, 6′, 190, out of shape, recently suffered a broken leg, widower, has two children

Barry Nelson: psychiatrist

Sarah Elliot: married, does triathlons

Cliff Jones: 50, sergeant under Roberts, married with children

Niccola Coppola: married, CEO or the Toronto Port Authority

A lot of characters, most of them minor. Not a lot of physical description other than some on Roberts. One character’s reaction to the situation was not believable. If a person is in front of you, bleeding and saying he’s just been stabbed, your reaction had better be something other than casual.


Conversations don’t wander and some good voices. Roberts’ comes through pretty good. Also Nelson’s.


Fairly short chapters. Chapters headed by the character focused on. Some profanity.

Some tense problems switching from past to present. An easy, quick read. One surprise at the end.

This story could have more punch if it had been drawn out a bit more. This is a relatively shorter book than most novels. There are attempts at humor and I think, for the most part, they’re okay. It moves along fast with no red herrings. The reader knows who the bad guy is pretty much right up front. The ending, while a surprise, might have been set up a bit more, maybe with some foreshadowing.

Still not too bad of a read.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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