The Other Woman


by Hank Phillippi Ryan


Jane Ryland is a new reporter for the Boston Register, trying to distance herself from a controversial time as a television reporter. She’s assigned to interview Moira Lassiter, whose husband, Owen, is running for the Senate. She suspects an affair when Moira won’t agree to meet. She’s also seeking information about an enigmatic woman in a red coat who makes regular appearances on the campaign trail.

Jake Brogan, homicide investigator, is two bodies deep into a murder case the press is attributing to the ‘Bridge Killer’. When a third victim is discovered to be directly related to Ryland’s past, she and Brogan agree to-somewhat-work together to find the answers.

Other parties are interested in Owen Lassiter, ones with devastating connections to Owen…and to each other. Individuals who are so determined, they won’t let anything stand in their way…

An intriguing political thriller. Some are good, some not so. This is better than most. The connections between characters add to the overall plot very well.

Jane Ryland: 32, disgraced former television reporter she is a new reporter for the Boston Register, has a sister, father is a doctor, drives an Audi TT, mom dead, spiky short walnut brown hair

Jacob Dellacort Brogan: 35, homicide investigator in Boston, grandfather was a police golden retriever, takes notes on a Blackberry

Alex Wyatt: editor for the Boston Register, wears wire rim glasses, married, graduated from the Columbia School of Journalism, cobalt eyes

Owen Lassiter: Former Massachusetts governor, running for Senate, handsome, flinty eyes, silver hair, married, no children

Moira Kelly Lassiter: Owen’s wife, silver blonde, former ballerina

Eleanor Mead Gable: Lassiter’s opponent, ash blonde pageboy cut hair, comes from a wealthy family

A plethora of characters, but Ryan does a good job of distinguishing personalities. She added just enough mystery and hidden truths to some keep me guessing. There are other characters I didn’t add these because, first, I didn’t want to add an unintentional spoiler, and second, because I had to read a lot farther into the book before I discovered the truths. I enjoyed the play between Brogan and Ryland since they were close for a short time. Owen is a standard politician type character.

Good voices that come through well. Conversations stay on point.

Relatively short chapters. At the time of writing this review I had done a blog about irritating misuses of language so I’ve been watchful for those instances. Ryan avoided one of the common mistakes I see a lot. Solid writing. Since this contains bits of a police procedural, with a suspense seen where reporters are characters, the action isn’t until later. With each piece of the story moving inexorably toward a focal climactic point, I didn’t mind the snippets of three of four stories going on.

My Rank:

Brown Belt



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