Black Rose


By Alex Lukeman



When samples of a bio-weapon are stolen, American Project members are on the case. Who’s taken the samples and why? The Russians? An old Project enemy named AEON? And how does a shadowy individual called Adam figure into the matter? It’s up to Nick Carter, fiancee Selena Connor, and the rest of Project to stop an organization bent on setting loose an unstoppable plague. Oh, and don’t forget those pesky Russians.

Good thriller material. Good guys versus baddies with some interpersonal relationships added into the mix.


Nick Carter: former Marine Recon, works for the Project, scar on left ear, smoky gray eyes, short black hair, 6′, just under 200 lbs, has problems with formerly broken fingers

Selena Connor: Nick’s fiancee, works for the Project, fluent in many languages, expertise for ancient languages, knows martial arts, violet eyes, reddish blonde hair

Lamont Cameron: works for the Project, black, blue eyes, facial scar, former SEAL,

Elizabeth Harker: Director of the Project, keeps a cat in her office

Stephanie Willits: Project computer techie, formerly with the NSA

Alexei Ivanovich Vysotsky: in the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, black eyes, bushy eyebrows, 50s, silver streaked receding hair, stocky build

Johannes Gutenburg: chairman of AEON, married, bank owner, near 60, green eyes

Adam: head of the Guardians, drives a modified Cadillac

Rice: United States President, blue/green eyes,

Some of the attitudes of the Project people seem a little relaxed: “I could have been in that car when the bomb exploded.” “Neat gadget.” Okay, these are paraphrases of the actual dialogue but I didn’t feel the emotion of danger when danger was near. And these guys are supposed to be professionals. They’re not going to be ogling over their spy toys. Also, they shouldn’t be explaining to each other about the difference between weapons. Shouldn’t they already know the difference because of their training?

Don’t be a minor character. You don’t last too long.


No real distinguishable voices. Everybody spoke like Midwestern Americans.


One thing that was not believable is that the Koreans had multiple security measures in their lab before anybody was able to get within ten feet of the bio samples and yet Project members walked right into another lab in Switzerland and found the samples almost right away. No key card or coded lock doors? NO bio-hazard suits needed? I would have thought that the team would have done a bit more research into the building to figure out everything before infiltration. They did later when making a decision to breach a chateau.

Also not believable is the leader of the bad guy organization doesn’t use encrypted computers but a regular, easy-to-break password.

The tension is surface. Action almost too quick. A lot of telling and not showing the effects of bullets and bombs upon the main characters.

Only because it was a decent thriller otherwise, did it make not being any lower ranked.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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