Devil’s Nightmare

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By Robert Pruneda


Three children are slaughtered in a cemetery. The fourth, the lone survivor then watches as his parent are similarly murdered. Who…or what killed them? Detective Aaron Sanders’ investigation leads him down a dark path, one where he can’t believe his eyes…or his dreams. Or can he? As the case deepens and the body count rises, Sanders enters a world where evil reigns and the fate of one child rests in his hands.

For a murder mystery horror, it’s hard to beat a good scary tale. This one has suspense and the supernatural.


Aaron Sanders: Austin homicide investigator, drives a black ’81 Corvette, divorced twice, parents dead, ex smoker, played football in high school

David Hernandez: police chief

Cody Sumner: blond

Donald Luther: medical examiner

Kenneth Chandler: tall, middle aged, married with son, owns dogs, owns a Corvette

Gene Bukowski: psychologist

Robert Smith: married with two children, works in advertising

Reggie Santiago: works in a funeral home with his dad, played football in high school

Steven Riley: detective, tall, twenties, black hair, father was a cop, former youth minister

Jerome Hadley: director of a youth home, British

A nice cast although I had difficulty getting a mental picture of some of them because physical descriptions weren’t prevalent. Sanders comes off as a walk-the-line cop who takes chances when he believes he’s right. There is the counselor who plays the romantic interest with just the right amount of play-hard-to-get.


Some good voices, especially from Hernandez. Dialogue is succinct with the right amount of humor, sarcasm, etc.


Chapters are titled. Profanity. Most of the book is first person from Aaron’s POV. Some punctuation problems (commas in the wrong places). However, I won’t count off too much since I was reading an ARC.

The author did a good job of showing reality when it comes to DNA testing.

There’s an interesting twist at the end but at the end I didn’t quite understand the relationship between the monster and the child. Not when other characters had other explanations of what needed to happen.

Action might have used a bit more show than tell but it was still tight and good. The fight scenes lasted long enough to be real.

There was a long build up to the scary stuff. This doesn’t mean the story dragged. The build up lasted awhile which was okay.

This was a well-written story with some good scary. Keep the lights on and…maybe watch those dreams at night…

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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  1. Thanks for the unique review, Stephen! I love how you incorporate martial arts into your rating system. Your constructive criticism is very informative and helpful to me as an author. I’m glad you enjoyed Devil’s Nightmare. I’ll wear my purple belt with pride. I’ll also continue my training in order to earn the coveted black belt in the future.



  2. I really enjoyed how this post is laid out. It really makes trying to keep the characters straight very easy!

  3. Thanks. Stop back again.

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