Wounded Animals

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By Jim Heskett




Tucker Candle, software tech, weeks away from unemployment. Married with a pregnant wife. One night an enigmatic stranger gives him a warning to refuse an assignment from his boss. When Candle ignores the warning, he returns home to find his wife missing and a dead man in his bathroom. And his life is only going to get worse – strangers attack him, another corpse shows up, and he can’t trust the cops.

Okay, this is a weird one. Not your normal murder mystery. This plot is unusual in the sense it’s not something seen in countless other books. There’s a bit of mystery, sure, but a bit of supernatural, a bit of surreal.


Tucker Candle: married, works at Intellicraft, Mom dead, knows martial arts

Kareem: short brown hair, dark skin, thin mustache

Alison Roche: Tucker’s boss

Wyatt Green: Chief Operating Officer for Intellicraft, broad shouldered, married with children, baseball fan

Some physical description. I didn’t get a picture of Candle. Several characters come and go and I started wondering about each new one – can this person be trusted? Is this person part of the overall plot? This is not a bad thing. A good mystery should have the reader wonder about everybody from the bellhop to the CEO.


Not too bad. Some voices come through.


First person from Candle’s POV. Some profanity.

Some good action and tension. This is the first of a trilogy so-if I can be forgiven a bit of a spoiler (or a non-spoiler), don’t expect everything to be wrapped up at the end. Jimmy’s got some ‘splainin to do. This first book will leave a lot of questions unanswered, but that’s okay, because it will leave you wanting the second part.

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Green Belt



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