Lunar Rampage

Lunar Rampage

by Samantha Cross

Samantha Cross


Cora Nash is vacationing with her grandmother in woodsy upstate Michigan. Soon after her arrival she hears animal noises outside the cabin. Then a tree-hugger disappears and lumberjacks are attacked. What chased Cora through the woods one night? A bear? A wolf? Something bigger and deadlier? Hmm? Could it be a…you-know-what that howls at the full moon? Hmm?

Ah yes, another werewolf story. Oops, did I leak a spoiler? Lol. So, here’s my rule on stories with vamps/zombies/werewolves: I have read enough of them that they have to be something different or unusual for me to accept them. So, what does that tell you about this one? Yes, different. A light-hearted and amusing little tale that, at times brings to mind a certain Grimm tale. I mean, look at the characters below. A young woman, a grandmother, and a hunter. Duh! Lol.


Cora Nash: 26, photographer, chestnut colored hair, blue eyes, vegetarian, drives a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, can play the flute and clarinet

Wendy Nash: Cora’s grandmother, puffy short light blue hair, has memory problems

Priscilla: 28, store clerk, dresses Goth

Henry: overweight, works in the grocery store

Max: shoulder length brown hair, hunter, drives a pickup

Joe: nicknamed Hippie Joe, brown hair, nature lover

Owen: blue eyes, dark hair, has a sister, parents dead

Jason Wilson: deputy, dark hair, dark eyes, married

Interesting cast. A variety of personalities, all with just a bit of…strangeness. Not totally, just a layer here and there. Which is not bad. It definitely raised an eyebrow because while I could see a store cashier and a hunter and maybe even an environmentalist, the way they acted was just a bit…off, as mentioned below in the dialogue. Again, this is not to say the character styles didn’t work, but they were different.


Some unnecessary tag lines with ‘ly’ adverbs. A lot of the dialogue from every characters was a bit…off. Not that it wasn’t believable, but just…off. Not completely ridiculous for the characters, just…you know. The conversations didn’t proceed like I would have expected from the character types. A lot of cynicism and sarcasm, one liners, especially from Cora but others, too. Molly’s and Priscilla’s voices came through pretty well.

One tag line mistake. A sentence was tagged by the incorrect person.


First person from Nash’s POV. Profanity.

At the beginning, Cora mentions a store clerk’s name is Priscilla, but mentions it before she is told.

Almost a third of the book goes by with little tension. Sure, Cora hears things, but some real meat doesn’t happen for a couple days.

When action does happen, it’s tense. The ending is…well, not so amusing and light-hearted anymore. It’s fast, fierce, and frenetic.

This is a fine read with some good characters, good back and forth dialogue, some romance, and something a little different from the usual wolfie type story.

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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