Fatal Eclipse

Fatal Eclipse - High Resolution - Version 2

By Dermot Davis




The problem starts during his wedding. Jonathan Dabko doesn’t feel right. About the wedding. About his wife Maria. His troubles will increase during the next few weeks to where therapy is needed and he begins to make rash choices that may drive him deeper into trouble if he doesn’t find the solution. However, he isn’t the only one with problems. A killer is on the loose.

This is a ragtag story with lots of angles with everybody having problems with events from his or her past. For me, it was a little bit difficult with spokes of-well, not necessarily subplots, but delving into personal problems-coming in every so often from each character. I didn’t quite understand the inclusion of the murders other than just to have another subplot.


Jonathan Dabko: 32, parents dead

Maria Gianini Dabko: 24, Jonathan’s wife, parents gone, brown-green eyes, suffered from depression as a teen, has a brother

Peter Wynne: Dabko’s friend

Philip: Maria’s ex boyfriend, record talent scout

Loraine: Philip’s girlfriend, musician

Barbara Evans: psychiatrist, 30s, dirty blonde hair

Bill Lanioff: Barbara’s psychiatrist, father was a farmer

Almost every character in this book has problems that are touched upon throughout. Some problems are solved and others aren’t. One thing I found troubling with Peter is that much of his history isn’t known. Therefore his actions came as a surprise. There was no explanation of why he did what he did. He was an otherwise normal person. Part of the problem lies in the fact that this delves into character a lot, but not deeply enough to get a strong hold on them, other than possibly Jonathan. There are no connections between many of them so the problems, say from Evans, only make me see she really isn’t credible or trustworthy as a doctor.


I think Peter’s voice comes through well. Conversations don’t wander off too far.


Some of the internal thoughts of some of the characters that switch to present tense aren’t natural. People don’t think like that, in lengthy sentences. Better to use the narrator and go third person close.

Sometimes the POVs within a chapters. I can see the attempt at omnipresent viewpoint, but sometimes the POV and scene shifts, especially near the end, are jolting.

This was a mental story with lots of internal thoughts and sorting through issues. Taken as a whole, I think the story lacks oomph because of the disjointed subplots. There is no resolution for Evans and the ending doesn’t make sense. How and why did Jonathan go to Peter’s house? Should it not have been his old house? I guess what saved this from going any lower was the fact there were no misspelling/grammar/punctuation errors. But it was close.

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