Remotely Unplugged

Remotely Unplugged Cover

By Andrea Perno

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The year is 2103. Technology is there for everyone to plug into. Civilnet will help you with your job, tell you when you’re in danger, and even suggest conversation starters. It helps control your diet and matches you with the correct mate. Practically anything known is attainable and Civilnet is there to help and everyone is content. Sarah, though, is not content, not happy with her job and is having other problems. Memory problems. She can’t remember her childhood or her parents. She can’t remember certain events. And she’s making decisions that go against Civilnet. Doctors and family don’t know what to do to restore her fully to Civilnet. So, after an assault upon her she is given a ‘vacation’. She is sent to a ‘resort’ where’s she ‘unplugged’. The resort, though, isn’t what she bargained for and what she discovers about herself and her world may change everything.

This is a little sci-fi, a little thriller, some suspense. I usually don’t review sci-fi, but this intrigued me enough to give it a chance.


Sarah: 41, works in waste management,

Elizabeth: Sarah’s sister, has a blue steak in her dark hair, ultramarine eyes

Jeff: Sarah’s husband, doctor

Silvia: middle aged, stubby round nose

Adam: tall, thin, white eyebrows

Randy: thin

William: southern accent, blue eyes

Nobody has last names. Sarah sometimes sounds younger than 41. There are some interesting characters that reflect the nature of the story, that show the nature of man vs. technology.


Some of Sarah’s phrasing sound present day (a reference to the Hulk; ‘no shit Sherlock’). It’s okay, but in the future, the common phrases would be different. Otherwise, William’s voice comes through well.


First person from Sarah’s POV. Present tense. Profanity.

There is a character who shows up in the latter half of the book and my problem with him is who he is revealed to be. Who he is is fine, but he wasn’t mentioned before this so I didn’t get to enjoy the ‘revelation’. This was a surprise character with no previous reference in the story.

The ending was…different, but again, the twist was only referenced a few times (if I’m understanding it correctly) but I didn’t understand the connection between the reference and the ending. Now, again, maybe it’s just me and other readers would be able to say, “Got it.” right away. Maybe that’s why I don’t read this type of sci-fi very often because I want to enjoy the story without having to try to understand ‘the bigger picture’.

Having said that, however, I’m not saying it’s a bad story. It is well-written with no misspelled words, maybe a punctuation error near the beginning. Descriptions were detailed enough I followed right along in my head. Action was good.

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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