One Before Bedtime


By N. S. Johnson



What treasures does a strange man in a small town have for some special children? An old man waits for his lost dog on Christmas Eve. A graveyard of planes that are ready for one more flight. A birthday party turns extra special for two of the guests. A recluse and his love for animals. A music lover gets the last note on a fuddy-duddy. A wannabe movie producer gets his chance to be with a legend…maybe. A harried teenager seeks the ultimate resolution. Bullies learn their lesson. Strange happenings at a New England inn. What happens when personal electronic device becomes too personal? A man tries to move on after his wife is sent to prison. What happens when an atheist goes to heaven.

Thirteen stories with a little mystery, a little drama, some speculation, some Twilight Zone-esque twist. Some of the stories are pretty good and some I didn’t quite understand. Some seemed to end abruptly and I wondered what happened next.


Silas Keebler: lanky, pale, black hair, drives a van

Buff: a B52 Stratofortress bomber

Ted Thayer: late 50s, health insurance executive, owns two Basset hounds, widower, has a sister

Todd Thompson: 24, handsome, dark hair, brown eyes, works in a brokerage firm, father an attorney

Caleb: picked on by bullies

Kathy Watson: owns a Porsche Boxster, married

Kyle Rand: ex wife in prison, has a daughter, writer

I’m not sure why, but a few stories have main or supporting characters with the last name of Thompson. I can see once, but why more than once? Some good surface stuff of characters. Personalities came through.


As did most of the voices. Tight conversations as needed.


No profanity except for some hell’s scattered in the last story.

I found no errors in grammar/punctuation/spelling. As mentioned, some of the stories had some twist, although many were predictable. These were more Twilight Zone light rather than Tales From The Crypt horror. Some are short, others not so short. Some could have been drawn out more to add more tension and greater impact.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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