By Janet Squires


Once again, I caution readers to not send me review requests outside of the boundaries of my guidelines, from genres other than what I prefer. However…I will give guarded permission to those who write animal books similar to the following. I may not accept them all, but if it has a dog or cat or funny animal, then I might consider it. Because, I mean, who doesn’t like animal stories?


An animal rescuer finds Monty, a pit bull mix out in the desert. We follow Monty’s story of recovery, surgeries, and eventual adoption.

This is a very short book that really doesn’t tell a story like many animal books do. This is more of a report with a lot of photos.


Monty: black and white pit bull mix, scarred, broken leg (at beginning of story), had been shot, 37 lbs,

Nicole: animal rescuer

Raviv Balfour: orthopedic surgeon, vet, has a dog

Julie: fosters dogs, dad was an animal rescuer, has other dogs at home

Ginnie: Monty’s eventual owner, has a bulldog

Highlights of those involved with Monty. Not too much description, but there are photos.


One or two sentences only.


Lots of good photos included. Throughout is a tracker of the increased ‘like’ Monty received on Facebook.

Pretty tightly contained. No stories of Monty’s adventures in different situations, just discovery, recovery, adoption. I’m glad Monty went on to be a happy dog with a family, but I expected more adventure and anecdotes. I’m only giving this book the lower rank because of this. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad book, but I wanted more. There were no errors otherwise.

My Rank:

Camouflage Belt



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