Peripheral: Tales Of Horror At A Glance


By Sylvester Pilgrim



1. What is a young woman seeing out of the corner of her eye? 2. A holiday and heinous murder. 3. A businessman plans to kill his wife. 4. Do you dare look into a cursed mirror? 5. A dying man makes a deal with the mob. 6. A theater cast summons the spirit of a murdered actress. 7. The prequel to the first story. 8. Should you beware of you inner demon? 9. Sometimes imagination gets away from you. 10. An idyllic picnic turns gruesome. 11. Roommates can be difficult to live with. 12. The first story continues. 13. Think twice before you get that tattoo. 14. Sometimes being lost is really lost. 15. Sometimes beauty isn’t realized. 16. Sometimes a wrong number can save a life…or not. 17. Working backward through a terrorist bombing. 17. The first story concludes.

Some horror, some suspense. Some good, some predictable, some weak. Here’s a collection of short tales, some of which aren’t too bad.


Faye Morgan: 29

Connor Sandford: married with four children, wealthy, owns a silver Mercedes SLR and a BMW M5

Frank Martinez: has cancer, married

Miyuki Sato: long black hair, fit

Marcia McGill: attends Oxford for her Ph.D in psychology

Malcolm Dean: killer, drug user

Ronald Miller: teen, has brothers

A wide variety of characters, all pretty well pictured. I think for short stories to work, the characters shouldn’t resemble one another through each story.


With short tales, it’s difficult to keep separate voices because there isn’t enough material to develop that dialogue. However, I think, for the most part, no character sounded like another. I think in the ongoing story throughout, the Italian dialogue runs a bit long, especially since it’s not translated.


As mentioned, some of the stories were predictable because of the nature of the plot. Oft seen before, nothing new, and when there’s nothing fresh, the enjoyment factor drops. There is profanity and graphic sex. One story ran too long with sex scenes. I was wanting to get on with the story.

I think the death scene in one story was not believable. When someone kills another by a gun in the mouth, the person would probably die instantly. She would not be twitching for several minutes.

As mentioned, some of the stories are enjoyable with some interesting horror. In the end, though I have to give this:

Camouflage Belt



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