The Scorpion

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By John A. Autero

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When three friends discover a secret meant to be covered up, they find themselves on the run from government forces determined to keep their knowledge from going public.

Oft seen plot. Nothing new here. Sometimes, though, the familiar can be entertaining. Unfortunately, this falls short of the mark.


Jerry Taylor: engineer for a fuel refinery, attended Michigan University, Masters in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D in Petroleum Engineering from M.I.T.

Bart Richard Thomas: 22, 6’1” brown hair, works for a hazardous recovery company, smokes, drives a Ford F-350, parents divorced

Bruce Jacob Macinson: works for the same company as Bart, 6’3”, 250 lbs

Pete Andrew Johnson: works for the same company as Bart, wiry, black shoulder length hair, nickname ‘Worm’, father owns a funeral home

Russell Ferdomski: nicknamed ‘Beaker’, 100 ls, light brown hair, pale complexion, computer geek, has a brother, dad dead

There are a couple baddies but the three main characters often acted and sounded like the Hardy Boys and Chet Morton or the Three Investigators vs the federal government. I felt very little emotion that these guys were in mortal danger. The federal baddies didn’t impress me.


Again, YA stuff except for a few bits of profanity here and there. The Commissioner and his agent (baddies) didn’t sound professional.


I found only one misspelled word and a missed quote mark. Some chapters are headed by location.

There was too much telling throughout and not enough showing.

As mentioned, I didn’t feel immediate danger. Except for the first chapter, nothing much happened in the first 1/3 of the book.

One of the problems I had with this book is that there was so much more happening beyond the main plot that didn’t quite fit with the story. There were statements made that seemed to put the story in the world of ‘tomorrow’. For instance it was mentioned that Kansas City was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. Okay, but when I read that, I said, Huh? That’s interesting, but did that have anything to do with the rest of the story? Or the fact that the government misled the world about Osama bin Laden. There should have been a bit more explanation and the author should have let the read know a bit more about the state of the union or the world.

Hardly any women show up in the story and what’s a thriller without a bit of romance?

There’s a mind probe used but not much detail about it. This could have been much stronger.

Another problem I had was the title of the story didn’t make sense throughout the entire book and was only mentioned, literally, at the very end.

I felt there was a lot of weak writing to a story that could have been so much stronger. For that reason I have to give this a:

Yellow Belt



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