The Soul Whisperer


By J. M. Harrison

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When Sara and Alex Bunton decide to get away from their problems, they visit a relative in France. Soon, they’re involved in a mystery spanning back thousands of years. A sacred object to bring enlightenment must be found because if others find it, the end of the world will be near.

Who can categorize this? A nod to Da Vinci Code, some supernatural, some thriller, some adventure.


Sara Bunton: married, has had a miscarriage, blonde, blue eyes

Alex Bunton: Sara’s husband, former military, mom dead, ponytail

Jean Michel: gray hair, owns a dog, knows martial arts, was in French Foreign Legion,

Alina Wickey: black hair, married

Zarco De Vlinder: owns a motorcycle, ponytail, blue eyes, platinum blond, 40s, mercenary, tattoo, smokes

There is a nice cast but I wanted more from the baddies. They do almost nothing in the first half of the book. There are a whole bunch introduced late in the book that reminded me of something out of a Ludlum novel, but they should have been in there sooner to keep the reader intrigued. The baddies didn’t do much in the way of putting the heroes in danger. Here and there, yes, but not much throughout the book until the end. I didn’t understand Alina. She’s been abused by her husband all her life but at the end stands up and helps the heroes when they save her husband.


A lot of storytelling. Long passages. A few distinctive voices.


To follow up on the above Chapters 7 and 8 are ALL storytelling with few breaks. Long lecture type explanations and ‘what-if’ history. These two chapters, really threw me out of the because there is nothing going on in the way of action. It’s all telling. They should have been broken up and pieced throughout the book.

I didn’t feel a connection to the tension. Before the long story he keeps teasing Alex and Sara with something important but when I expect to hear something, they have tea or dinner or told to come back another time.

I also didn’t feel that anybody was in real danger from the baddies. Everybody is still walking around seemingly not caring that bad people might be lurking around the next corner. It’s not until later in the book when the action starts.

No profanity unless you want to count a foreigner saying “fok”.

This story just didn’t get off the ground for me. I keep coming back to 7 and 8 because up until then I held out hope. But having to wade through too much history and stories, I lost interest.

The supernatural/enlightenment parts were interesting but, again, I didn’t feel a connection to the heroes and the plot.

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