Blood Brothers


By R. Weir


Jarvis Mann, P.I., is up for another case. This one brings him to Des Moines to discover what shenanigans his brother has been up to. Philandering? FBI trouble? Bullies from the past? All those and more. Mann tries to help, but when tragedy strikes, he won’t stop until justice is rendered.

This is a plot that builds from the simple to the complex. Not confusing, just a lot of elements. Several layers, a few that pick up from previous stories. It’s not necessary to read the previous mysteries, but it might help understand Mann’s relationships better.


Jarvis Mann: Denver P.I., 6′, 38, parents dead, has a brother

Flynn Mann: Jarvis’ brother, has daughter, smokes, rides a Harley, owns a red Mustang, accountant

Helen Mann: Flnn’s wife, 5’8”, long dark curly hair, has a dog

Melissa: Mann’s girlfriend

Casey Gaines: drives a Saab, hazel eyes, late thirties, parents divorced, father is in securities

Bart Wilson: FBI agent, buzz haircut, large ears

Bryer Campbell: former sheriff, wears hearing aids, uses a walker, 70’s, almost bald, widower

Sterling Frakes: 50’s homicide detective, blond, mustache, wears glasses

Roni Berry: slender, attended Iowa State, degree in graphic design and culinary science, owns a restaurant, divorced

Lots of characters, many with personal relationships with Jarvis. I enjoyed them all. Rocky the bodyguard is always good for a smile.


I’ve mentioned in reviews of past Weir mysteries, how all of the characters, at one time or another don’t use contractions. This is really noticeable here. Not necessarily distracting, but, most people don’t naturally talk like this. And all characters shouldn’t. One or two, maybe if that’s his/her style.


Okay, let me start off by saying that I was hooked right away by having him come to the metro where I live. Lots of familiar references and I wanted more. Personally, I wanted more references, not necessarily for the story to be good.

I must also give the author a raspberry for dissing the Cubs. Okay, done with the personal notes.

Profanity. Several flashbacks. A couple punctuation and spelling errors.

Otherwise, I think this is a good story. It brings in concepts from the previous mystery in having the reader think, “Okay, Mann is up against a super bad guy. What’s he going to do?” and then giving a couple of tension filled scenes. The latter one, I think philosophized a fraction too long, but still let Mann out with dignity.

The very ending also showed Mann’s integrity and I had a wry smile because, the author finished the book by leaving me hanging. I don’t doubt that the soap opera will continue in the next book. It better. Lol

Okay. So, now to rank. This was a dilemma because I have to remember other books. If I give one book a lower ranking because of errors and not do that with another, then I’m not being a fair reviewer. Of course, I’ve discussed the ‘likeable’ factor that, on occasion, bends the rules. If I wanted to complicate matters more, I could introduce a low/high aspect like my organization does with its belts. I’ll think about doing that if more books like this show up.

Anyway, I thought for awhile on this and I did enjoy the book and would recommend the series to readers and would look forward to reading more from this author. However, I will have to go with:

Green Belt



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  1. Thanks again Stephen for reading and reviewing Blood Brothers, as you have the others in the Jarvis Mann series. Those interested in Blood Brothers the eBook is currently 99 cents on Amazon for the next few days.

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