Red Storm


By Thom Tate



CIA agent Blake Mackay is on the job. He’s out to stop a Russian billionaire who owns a device to control the weather.

A short thriller with a standard plot. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad read. Sometimes familiar is good. However, there are things that deprive it of a higher rank.


Nikoli Petrovich: owns a research facility, billionaire

Sofia Kuzma: 29, works for Petrovich, doctorate in meteorology, blonde, green eyes, attended Cambridge, parents dead

Vasily Nikolas: Petrovich’s right hand man

Marshall Reed: CIA agent

Blake MacKay: CIA agent, tanned, owns a black Jeep Wrangler

Mike Brennan: short, Blake’s handler

Veronica Slocum: redhead, Director of National Security

Standard hero and villain. I know in a short story you want to get on with it quick, so sometimes, details are deleted. I would have liked to have seen a bit more physical description of both Blake and Nikoli. Sofia I could picture.


B-movie dialogue at times Okay for voices.



As mentioned, short means get into the plot quickly and I think that happened. Good action but the writing could be tighter. Example: when someone is injured, it is not necessary to say the person winced/screamed because of the pain. There was a lot of unnecessary wordage along this line.

Some of the things the hero did have been used before and I would have like to have seen something a bit different. Yes, familiar can be good, but it’s always refreshing to give the familiar a new twist.

All in all, I think I wanted more, not in length, but in story.

My Rank:

Camouflage Belt



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