Dark Money


By Larry D. Thompson




Attorney Jackson Bryant is called by his old friend, Walt Frazier, for advice on how to handle security at a Halloween party/fundraiser with the featured guest being the governor of Texas. Danger looms and when a shooter wounds the governor and kills one of the hosts, not only is Walt under fire for neglect of duty, but Bryant has to figure out who is ultimately behind the killing. You guessed it, politics and money are involved.

I expected a court case but didn’t get one til the end. Most of the book was tracking down and capturing the killer and the investigation into the shooting. I think this covered the spectrum of mystery and legal. Again, not what I expected, but enjoyable nonetheless.


Jackson Douglas Bryant: lawyer, former military, uses a cane, reserve county deputy, drives a pickup

Walt Frazier: former military, still has moments of PTSD, part of the governor’s protective detail, 6’2” muscular

Richard ‘Colonel’ Van Zandt: Vietnam vet, leader of an anti government group, bearded, lean, blue eyes

Miriam Van Zandt: Richard’s daughter, marksman, works at a convenience store, drives a pickup

Oscar Hale: wealthy, married

J.D. Bryant: Jackson’s son, plays football at TCU, former Marine

A good cast of characters including who I thought was a minor character, a washed out musician and one of Bryant’s clients, but who managed to be involved in the main plot. I think the author used him very well in the story.


Good voices. Conversations didn’t wander.


I didn’t see anything wrong with the story. I wish the court case could have been longer because when I read about attorneys in mysteries, that’s the enjoyable part, the battle in the courtroom.

I think it was a well rounded story, covering all bases, not leaving something hanging and no obvious ‘filler’ material. One of the bad guys came and went too fast and that’s too bad because I liked him and would have liked to have seen more of him.

I think the author brings to light a problem with politics but didn’t keep bashing the reader with it.

The author shows knowledge in the subject matter without overdoing it.

So, with this all taken into account, with the rank I’m giving, I want to mention that I didn’t dislike the book and I think it’s a solid story. I enjoyed the last legal mystery by this author and would definitely read him again.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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