Death’s Door


By David Reichart



Fresh out of the military and after a short stint as a truck driver, Jesse Yates joins Palm Court Detectives. His first assignment: figure out who’s hijacking trucks for the cargo. Yates goes undercover but soon things turn serious and he finds himself delivering a cargo of death.

I think this is a good intro to a new series. The plot holds it own for the most part, is well thought out with only a few glitches here and there.


Jesse Yates: former Navy SEAL, former Marine, former truck driver, private detective, knows martial arts, former smoker, has a sister, dad was a paratrooper

Ernie Donovan: runs Palm Court Detectives, priest, 50s, black hair

Sheila: former actress, P.I. who works for Donovan

Jimmie Flynn: owns Flynn Transportation, almost 50, tad portly, brown hair, married, 2 sons, has a brother

Donna Grey: dark hair, ponytail, former Army, dad was a Marine, works at a bowling alley

There are a bunch of baddies and a couple are pretty involved. There are also some bit federal players I would have liked to have seen in more than one chapter. This book dealt mostly with Yates but I would like to have seen the other members of the PCD involved more. Maybe in future stories.


Pretty good voices. Yates tends to be hesitant a lot, asking questions, and almost overboard with his doubts and fears. The grit and character to have become a SEAL doesn’t hold over here in the detective world except in the action scenes.


Some profanity, but not a lot.

Speaking of actions scenes, they’re tight and well coordinated.

The author shows his knowledge of trucking and fighting. There were some slow parts building up to the climax and this is a short (er) story than a lot of mysteries. For instance, I thought there was too much back and forth between Yates and the bad guys in the final part of the book. Too much arguing.

I mentioned the feds. I wold have liked to have seen them again at the end, just to wrap it up with their part of the whole story.

Shorter meant a faster read.

Again, the rank I give does not mean I didn’t like it. I think this series has a lot of potential and this fills a good niche in the mystery genre.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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