Night Things

Night Things Kindle cover

By Terry M. West

Terry M West


Imagine a world where vampires roam the streets. Where zombies can be cops. Where Frankenstein’s monster is a mobster named Johnny Stucke. Where Dracula is gathering an army to wipe out all humans. That’s the premise of Night Things. Where monsters roam and war is about to begin.

This is definitely NOT a Kim Harrison parallel. This is something a bit different. There’s some humor, some graphic gore, a bit of sex, and a weird story all around.


Johnny Stucke: mobster, Frankenstein’s monster, smokes cigars

Gary Hack: drug addict, adult film director, bald, trimmed beard, has a daughter, divorced, overweight

Glass: black, muscular, works for Stucke

Zuzanna: Polish, adult film star, succubus

Dracula: uh, he’s Dracula, what else do you need to know?


Conversations don’t linger on. Scenes are fairly short. Some voices come through.



The author throws in a lot of ‘traditional’ monster stuff. Garlic and silver and spells and burning of zombies. It’s a short book, fast read. There was room to expand a bit more on the lore and the current situation. Basically, Dracula recruits the monster and there are flashbacks to their falling out. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the present day life. Maybe throw in some other humans unrelated to the main characters or with tenuous connections. Maybe a side plot. There was a lot to take in and though it was easy to follow, I was enjoying the concept. Maybe if the author continues with a series, he can explore the monster life. But for now, I took a chance and wasn’t disappointed.

My rank:

Green Belt



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