Pigeon-Blood Red


By Ed E. Duncan




When a valuable necklace is stolen, Rico must retrieve it for his gangster boss. He tracks the thief to Hawaii, but complications arise and what started as a simple payback mission, turns upside down.

This reads more like a suspenseful soap opera with various characters throughout. I think the author does a good job of mixing enough back story into what is a shorter novel than most.


Richard ‘Rico’ Sanders: over 6′, dark eyes, works for a gangster, curly black hair, 4 siblings, parents dead

Jerry: smokes, works with Rico, pale, sandy brown hair, 3 older brothers

Jean: prostitute, red hair, dad dead, divorced, 3 sisters

Robert McDuffie: owns several stores, married

Evelyn McDuffie: Robert’s wife, black svelte

Frank Litvak: gangster, overweight, late 40s, balding

Paul Elliott: attorney, widower

One of the problems I had with characters is I think some of them were black but that didn’t come across. No, they don’t have to have stereotypical characteristics, but when I made a mental picture, I pictured several of these characters as Caucasian. A character who had a definite influence on the story was introduced too late in the story and I felt that part was forced. As if the author thought: Wait, I have to throw in one more piece of plot. I think this character should have been brought in earlier, especially since the reason for his later inclusion was shown near the beginning.


Pretty good. Some voices tried to come through. Many books have average conversations and voices and I think this one fits in with those.


Profanity. Book separated into Parts.

For the most part I think this was solid writing. As mentioned above it had more of a soap opera feel to it especially since there was omnipresent POV. Rico was the only character I felt close to. Jean a little bit, but not much.

One thing that stood out that struck me odd was (no spoiler, just more details of the plot): Litvak gives Rico a valuable necklace. Robert steals the necklace. Hence the chase. However, I didn’t ever figure out the reason gave Rico the necklace in the first place. Litvak had had it stolen and I assume was going to have Rico give it to a fence, but this wasn’t clear. And for Rico to be so nonchalant about handling and carrying the very expensive piece of jewelry wasn’t quite believable.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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