Resort Isle


By Paul Sekulich

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After a detective’s family is killed, he works hard to elect a district attorney to the U.S. Senate, in the hope that a new form of detention for criminals will be introduced. Put these people on an island off the coast of California. No guards, no gates, and the rules are their own. What happens when the detective is sent to the island?

I was intrigued by this book because I was expecting a lot of good adventure and action. I a was somewhat disappointed. Not completely, but a bit.


Frank Dugan: homicide detective, married with 2 children, former Marine, drives a black Ford Bronco

Marty Dimino: district attorney, drives a gray BMW 340

Charlene Stone: 30s, dark eyes, Phd.

Rico Guzman: drug lord, smokes cigars

A few other characters. Not enough physical description of anybody. Good variety of baddies and good guys.


Not bad. Some voices come through although I could have wanted a bit more distinction between Frank and Marty.



Very difficult to judge time passage until later in the story. The time passage between the beginning and about the time Frank is on trial was almost impossible to tell. Some reference would have helped.

The writing itself was pretty good. No misspelled words or punctuation or grammar errors.

The story was pretty good. My disappointment was in reference to the title and the blurb. Here you have an island where a lot of the really bad criminals are going to be placed. Then you have the inevitable point where the good guy is trapped on the island. Great! That’s what I wanted. In reality, the action on the island is reserved for the end of the book, within the last 60 or so pages (on my Nook edition). And it was constantly interrupted by other scenes back on the mainland.

I didn’t experience a whole lot of danger or suspense or real action. It never seemed as if the protagonist was ever in mortal danger, either by wildlife or humans. Sure, you knew the good guy wins, but injure him a bit, put some emotion in. Frank’s relationships with sharks was interesting, but could have have been played upon more. There was a pretty good chase scene with the cops and some bad guys, but all through that scene I kept wondering when we’re going to be to the island.

One graphic murder scene.

As mentioned, good book, but I wanted more. This is the first in a series, so there’s time for more in future stories.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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