Self Defense Against Vampires

SDAV Front Cover

By Dr. J. A. Kahn


Well, like the title says, it’s a book about the defense against vampires. It explain a bit about the physiognomy of vampires, their biological systems, their strengths and weaknesses and how you can properly train yourself to protect yourself and possibly others. There are anecdotes on successes and failures from around the world.

Not sure what to make of it. Kind of what I expected, but kind of not, also. It’s a guide but I think of it like I do martial arts self defense – if you’re properly trained, you have a better chance of success and even self defense will not be successful 100% of the time. I think that’s why the author gives various methods of disposing of the toothy beasts.


Uh, vampires (kind of a ‘duh’ here, right?): for a pretty fair description of them, read the book.

Kahn: Yes, the author is the character because he’s the narrator. He is well trained in many martial arts but no picture is shown above so as not endanger others and because he doesn’t want to be recognized by a large number of people. If he comes upon a vampire who recognizes him from his reputation…well, too bad for the vampire. He does describe himself, but not in specific terms, for the same reason listed above.


None. Several quotes from various persons.


Titled chapters and sections. Relatively short chapters

There are some missing words noticeable in some sentences.

Easy, conversational. Some of the authors whimsy phraseology about “If you don’t do this or try to do this then this will be the result” get a bit repetitive.

Some moments of humor.

I did have a problem when it came to the equipment the author purports to carry with him most of the time. I don’t think even Batman carries so much stuff. Plus, the amount and size of the items would make moving difficult, let alone fighting the enemy, so that was a bit over the top…if I can go there with this type of book. (Tongue in cheek, doncha know?)

Long about half done I did start to recognize some shades of life advice. He discusses how a proper diet, resisting temptation, obeying parents, making good choices, proper exercise will help you in your defense against the fangs, but couldn’t you also use the same notions for life in general. Those things will also help you succeed in other areas: business, schooling, friendship, etc. I don’t know if this was intentional, but it exists and is a good thing without being overly ‘preachy’.

So, what about rank? Not usually my choice for reading. I mean vampires and zombies have saturated the market the book has to catch me from the back blurb (and yes, the cover) to be given a second look, let alone a read. Did Kahn catch me on a good day? Maybe. It was a fun read, so I’ll go with:

Green Belt



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