The Brodsky Affair

The Brodsky Affair Kindle Cover

By Ken Fry

Ken Fry


An at buyer/seller, Jack Manton, is after paintings undiscovered by auction houses that don’t know what they actually have. He comes across a couple of rare paintings by Brodsky, a Russian Jew who died in WWII. He’s not the only one after those paintings. A Russian collector (by any means), sends his man out to obtain the paintings. It’s a race to see who can have the paintings, who can discover the whereabouts of more by Brodsky, and who survives.

A very nice suspense quest/chase thriller with enough background info to keep me moving through it.


Josef Laventry Verezin: 54, former mafia, dark dyed hair, brown eyes, wears glasses, tattoo on back, affected by palsy, art thief, Chief of IAS

Jack Manton: 44, attended Edinburgh University, Masters in History of Fine Art, former magazine writer, art buyer/seller, fit, teaches fencing

Tamsin Greene: Jack’s girlfriend, 34, slender, 5’8”, dark hair, brown eyes, Spanish/French/Russian ancestry, 2 siblings, parents dead, attended London University, fluent in 4 languages, divorced

Vladimir Novokov: thief/killer, former SVR, parents dead, fit, homosexual

There are a few others that make for a nice cast. Very well presented with separate personalities. I did tire of Tasmin’s constant badgering of Jack. If she didn’t want to stay with him, just leave. Some decent baddies.


Pretty good voices. They came through well. There were a few instances of B-movie threats and dialogue that popped up throughout but nothing overtly ham-ish.


Chapters are headed by location.

Near the beginning there were several weather references that didn’t seem to go with the scene or the story. It was as if the author finished a scene and thought, “Oh, yeah, I’d better put that snow is falling.”

There were some obvious tense shifts. Past to present.

Good action scenes. Background on Brodsky was laid out pretty well.

All in all, I think a fairly good story. Writing could have been tighter in some places.

My rank:

Green Belt



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