Bullet In The Blue Sky


By Bill Larkin




A massive earthquake devastate Leos Angles. Kevin Schmidt, a deputy with Orange County, is called upon to track down a missing Captain. Together, with hastily thrown together team they navigate the chaotic metropolitan streets. However, there are forces working behind the scenes to take advantage of the destruction…and to cause more.

A very interesting plot. A bit of action, a bit of thriller, a quest, a chase. It builds from a simple seek and find to international intrigue.


Kari Boyd: Black, drives a BMW 550, works in the Office of Emergency Services

CAP. Mara: LAPS detective, divorced with kids, Irish/Mexican heritage

Kevin ‘Schmidt’ Schmidt: Orange County Sheriff’s detective, father is a LAPS detective, has an older brother, attended US Long Beach

Roger Jenkins: Deputy Chief, black, 50s, small stature, wears glasses, graying hair, 5’8”, graduated Loyola

Karen Anderson: detective, athletic, 40s, short dark hair, freckles

Brett Gallon: tall, Lieutenant, 40s, attended UCLA, former minor league baseball player

Shawna Hogan: rookie cop, 20s, athletic

A nice cast of characters. Well rounded, each with different personalities and quirks and attitudes. More characters show up later in the book


I thought the voices were very well developed. Conversations had impact. Not too much miscellaneous stuff.


1st person from Schmidt PROV and 3rd person PROV throughout. Relatively short chapters. Profanity.

So, what can I say. I enjoyed the book. The action was good. I thought it depicted the devastation and the people fairly well. As mentioned the plot built and grew and turned into something I didn’t expect.

I think some details could have been expanded upon a bit more but I thought there was good emotion shown by the characters.

So why did I give it a lower then expected rank? I think it goes back to the details. A bit more would have rounded out the story well. Not details on the way the bad guys did what they did. I understand that being glossed over. But there were times when the travels through LA. could have been more detailed. More streets and well known sites described. Just a bit more. But it was still an enjoyable book and bring some of these characters back for a second round, I’m there.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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