No Rest For The Wicked

Dane Cobain - No Rest for the Wicked

By Dan Cobain

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People are disappearing and a group of supernatural creatures called Angels are responsible. How do they relate to a super-collider in Switzerland? Or to a young girl who’s personality is changing? Or to a priest trying to cope with a secret from long ago? Will the world survive?

This book is all over the map and although I thought at first the plot was intriguing, there are a lot of tenuous connections throughout with little explanation.


Robert Jones: drives a BMW, smokes, divorced with a son

Father Montgomery: priest, dyed graying hair, fit, 60s

Klaus Boerman: professor/scientist

A few others. The characters were okay. I didn’t feel close to any of them


Fairly okay throughout although the Angels speech is repetitive and hardly scary. There’s some dialogue that I scratched my head at, including a cop who replies something completely out of context to what his partner said.


Titled chapters headed by location.

One mild profanity (hell) I found.

Let me discuss the tenuous or distant connections and I’ll try not to play spoiler too much.

The super-collider was a big problem for me. Supposedly, the Angels were created when the scientists turned this ting on and conducted their experiments. Okay, but the Angels weren’t shown to be from the machine. In addition, there’s a continuity problem because in another scene it’s mentioned by the Angels that they have been around for centuries judging the wickedness of humanity.

The priest and Jones visit one of the collider scientists but it’s not explained how they knew to do so, how the priest knew the scientist, and nothing really was gained by the meeting.

The possessed girl was interesting (can you say Linda Blair?) but it wasn’t explained why the Angels chose her or why they should possess anybody in the first place. That part didn’t make sense to me.

There is an acronym cleverly related to the Angels, but the spelled out phrase doesn’t take into account all of the letters in the acronym.

This is a short story and that’s also a problem. With a short you have to get in, get the trouble started, get to the action and get a solution. This book spent too much time killing people and not enough time connecting the dots. The subplot with the priest’s secret was fine but it should have played a bigger role in the climax.

Speaking of: the climax was too cerebral, philosophical, not enough action.

Scary thrills were low, action low, tension medium-low.

My rank:

Orange Belt



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