By David Lynn Golemon




A band of Pizarro’s men search for the lost treasure of El Dorado in the vast Amazon jungle. What they end up discovering is far more than they ever imagined. Present day: Scientist Helen Zachary leads a team into the Amazon wilderness in search of suspected heretofore unknown species of animal. When the expedition is lost, Niles Compton and his his Event Group are called into help. Problems arise with every turn because not only is the event Group up against various enemies both foreign and domestic, the truth behind El Dorado may have devastating consequences. From Nevada to Washington, D.C. to Montana to Louisiana, to a secret mine filled with wonder and horror the men and women of the Event Group race against time to uncover a secret thousands of years old.

It’s history mixed with fiction and speculation and I love it. It’s a complicated and complex plot and the above paragraph only scratches the surface. What a story unfolded here. Almost too much to get a handle on in so few words.


Helen Zachary: Chairperson of Stanford’s zoology department, Ph.d, blonde hair, divorced, ex-fiance of the director of the Event Group

Henri Farbeaux: holds the title of Colonel, international antiquities thief, blond hair, divorced, former employee of the French Antiquities Commission

Carl Everett: Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy, second in command of security for the Event Group, former SEAL

Sarah McIntire: Army Second Lieutenant, geologist, member of the Event Group

Lots of characters, too many to mention but a few here. Master Chief Jenks is a stereotypical character seen and loved in many books (not Jenks himself, but his type of character). With so much going on, it is hard to get any real depth to the characters, but it’s not that type of book. I wasn’t expecting too much philosophizing or deep meaning soliloquies from anybody.


Many of the military men sound the same. Again, Jenks stands out. Conversations don’t drag and the lectures aren’t lengthy.


Story broken by parts. Each chapter headed by place and time. Some profanity. Very well written with an omnipresent POV. There is a lot of build up and Golemon is pretty detailed in each scene. The action comes quick. There is a lot here and Goleman manages to piece together bits from all over and somehow keep it believable. Technology goes over the top, but is fun. How Goleman kept everything straight is beyond me, but I admire an author who puts as much time to develop a story to its fullest as this one must have. He did his homework. This is fact, fiction, and fantasy all rolled into one and I love the stories where I want to jump into the action along with everybody. This is a lengthy book, but you will not get bored.

My Rank:

Red Belt



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