A Silver Medallion

Cover - A Silver Medallion

By James Callan




Crystal Moore encounters an escaped Mexican slave worker and discovers the girl is only one of a group of workers for a very wealthy man. Hunter Blackwood is holding one woman’s children captive in order to force her to work for him. Crystal travels to Mexico to rescue the children. By doing so, she puts her life and the lives of others in mortal danger.

This probably should go more into the character section, but I like the plot despite my thinking that Crystal just didn’t fit the adventurer type.


Crystal Moore: drives a maroon LeSabre, black hair, slender, brown eyes, attended Stanford, late 20s

Eula Moore: Crystal’s grandmother, 75, 5/2: 95 lbs.

Rosa Bonita Lopez: Black hair, dark eyes, slender, widow

Dr. Lester Krupe: adviser at Stanford

Hunter Blackwood: is on the Dallas Symphony Board, widower, late 40s, 6”, brown hair, grey eyes

Brandi Brown: Crystal’s roommate

There are other characters throughout. I enjoyed the feisty Eula. There were three Mexicans: Jorge, Jose, and Juan. Three J names did get a bit confusing especially when in close proximity to one another.

Again, I mention Crystal. She just didn’t seem the adventurous type. She seemed naive in the ways of rescuing the children.


Eula’s voice comes through. Jorge is not too bad. Not much else to say about dialogue. Hunter’s at the end was low grade desperation. Eric’s “I’ll cap the bitch.” was ‘B’ movie.


While there was some tension and danger, it didn’t come until later in the book with the rescue of the children. Hunter sends a killer out to deal with Crystal but his part doesn’t come into play until after she returns from Mexico. I wanted more danger in the scene where she has her first foray with the paraplane. Days go by with her wandering around doing things and waiting and no danger.

Brandi’s faking death after being stabbed was not believable. Body instinct would have her react to being impaled.

There was a lot of repetition. Words and phrases. As an example, in one scene, Crystal thinks that the man was trying to kill her as he had almost killed Brandi. In the next scene that thought is repeated as dialogue. This happens a lot.

The author states at the beginning that some things about Puerto Vallarta are factual and other things are fiction. I’ve been to Puerto Vallarta and I wanted more descriptions of the town. The bit about the green flash at sunset is true. I’ve seen it.

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