Haven Of Evil


By Melvin Rivers



After a flood takes their home, Kevin Wilson and his wife Sandra find a rental place in the small town of Havenville. However, there’s a history to their house and death and demons await all who come to live there.

Fairly typical haunted house, demons, ghost-y tale. Nothing real original. Low level scary stuff.


Kevin Wilson: Unemployed, drives a Taurus, former reporter

Sandra Wilson: Library assistant, 33, Kevin’s wife, has an Associates Degree in Library Technology

Frank: drives a pickup, gray scraggly hair

Marge Crabtree: realtor, drives a Mercedes

Joy Springs: librarian, 30s, red hair, freckled, drives a VW Beetle

Nate Hill: reverend

Katherine Ford: Sandra’s mother, light complexion, greying hair

There is another character but to give a description of him would play spoiler. It was a disappointment that Marge didn’t have a bigger role since she was a main character in why the Wilson house is haunted. She shows but in a few scenes but I thought should have had a bigger role. Not too much description for a lot of the characters, including Kevin.


Katherine’s voice was distinctive.

The main problem here was the internal dialogue by several characters. Shown in italics, but too lengthy. People don’t think in longer complete sentences that run on for paragraphs. The narrator, being in close, should have told the thoughts.


This is a shorter book and a relatively quick read. Profanity.

This could and maybe should have been a longer book because there could have been so much more ‘story’, more horror.

No emotions were shown or else glossed over. We don’t see Kevin frightened or Sandra scared. Kevin acts as if the visitations by the demons are nothing to get overly worried about. At least that’s the way much of it comes across.

The twist at the end with Kevin’s friend was okay but might have been stronger had there been something to be scared about. The demon visits to several characters weren’t at all scary and the conversations tended to turn young adult. “Who are you?” “Why don’t you turn around and see for yourself.” Yeah, not very frightening.

I guess I just wanted more of everything. More action, more emotion, more scary stuff, more twists, more originality, more guts to the story.

My rank:

Yellow Belt



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