Big Flies


By Keith Hirshland



Leland Davis is on a quest to find the secret behind his dad’s life. Who was he? How did he become the man he was? Meanwhile, Chester, his dad, is shown in his early years, developing into something he himself wouldn’t have dreamed.

So we have a man after his fathers life and the father’s life. It thought the premise was fine, but the story itself was half interesting and half confusing.


Leland Davis: wealthy, owns a dog, drives a Wagoneer, parents dead, 6’2”, blue eyes, brown/black hair

Chester Davis: Leland’s dad, faux travel writer, thief, blue eyes, took martial arts, liked safecracking

Donald Thompson Richards: Nickname is Snoshu, short dark hair, brown eyes

Denny King: bar owner, dad was a cop

There were a couple more characters and the cast was interesting. I would have liked to have seen more of Donald’s personality come through or at least resonate stronger because I liked him. He had a unique personality. Denny and the girl at the end were also unique.


Again, Donald’s shows up with a good voice. There were Mr. and Mrs. Landers and I liked how they spoke.


The book is divided up into the past and present with the headings of These Days and Those Days. Those Days showed the life of Donald and Chester and how they grew up and what they became.

The author attended the James Patterson class on short chapters.

So, now the problems. How to do this without playing spoiler. About half way through I understood the beginning of the book where it listed three notorious unsolved crimes. I thought the premise of the story and Chester becoming who he was very interesting.

I did have difficulty knowing the passage of time. The book doesn’t tell the ages of Chester and Donald when they had their adventures. It only explains how they grew from children to young men, but the specifics on time didn’t go well for me.

One major confusion was that a major portion of Leland’s These Days scenes…weren’t real. I won’t tell anymore but that didn’t settle well with me. The author tried some coincidence type stuff at the end and that didn’t work either. It happened too quick.

Because of this the story fell apart and became confusing. Leland visits the site of his father’s death but there didn’t seem to be anything relevant in that. He learns who and what his father was…but how he discovered it wasn’t explained. It it was, I missed it. Because of this, Donald’s story didn’t fill out like it should have.

I was disappointed after it was revealed that pages and pages of story didn’t actually happen. And from then on I tried to find a point to the whole thing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

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